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About Scott

Philadelphia, PA


I’m Scott and I reside in Suburban Philadelphia with my wife Alison and daugher Bridget. You are likely to find me listening to a podcast, enjoying a burrito bowl from Chipotle, or riding one of my bicycles. You can track my adventures on my Instagram account and follow my opinions and news links on Twitter.

One of my strongest soft skills is my ability to influence and lead change in large organizations. I’m forever curious. Whether it’s my drive to find a new bike trail or creative solutions to the roadblocks you find at big companies — I always push forward.

In my current role at McKesson, I took ownership of the Marketo Marketing Automation System and put it to work. I’ve created an automated system for sending the best leads to sales based on a lead’s web activity and demographic information. I also created a revenue funnel model to display the progression of leads from start to closed sale.

While at Thomson Reuters, I created Life Sciences’ first blog with 25+ contributors and made it the destination for all of Life Sciences’ thought leadership content. Also, I developed Life Sciences’ first social media strategy using Twitter and LinkedIn. And while I was assessing and redefining their web presence, I pulled together a variety of disparate web properties into one microsite for all of Life Sciences.

For me, learning never stops. On a monthly basis, I attend conferences, Meetups, and workshops. On a weekly basis, I attend webinars and take an online training course. On a daily basis, I consume content about tech and marketing through social media, podcasts, and newsletters. With just the podcast app, Stitcher, I’ve listened to over 16,000 podcasts.

Let’s keep in touch — connect with me through my social media accounts or send me a message.